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About Southpaw Era

Southpaw Era is more than just a lifestyle apparel brand. We're a mindset. We’re a movement.


Our Story

Our Story

Southpaw Era celebrates the underdog spirit in us all. We stand for the people whose path to success is uncertain and those who welcome challenges, big or small. We stand for those who have had to put in the hard work, those who are unafraid of the burn. We stand for those who have just begun their journey to success and those who understand the journey is never over.

The journey is the reward.

We’re inspired by the reality of being left-handed while living in a right-handed world. But we’re not just for lefties. We’re inspired by those who demonstrate resourcefulness and resilience as they work twice as hard to be just as good. Being different is the advantage we celebrate!

Welcome to Southpaw Era.

A Southpaw is…

a left-handed person, especially a boxer who leads with the right hand or a baseball pitcher.

not just a left-handed person, but any individual who has to overcome life’s little challenges.

A southpaw possesses
the underdog spirit in all of us:
the reality of having to put more into their lives as they move towards success.

Who We Stand For

To the aspiring entrepreneurs with no quit, the athletic hopefuls who never say die, the up-and-coming artists who dare to be different: We hear you. We see you. This is your time. Your journey has begun.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Athletic Hopefuls

Up-and-coming Artists

Ambitious Students

First Gen Pioneers

Join the Team

Join the Team

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