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Our best gear. Made to last. Just like you.


Excel and exceed with the right clothing accessories

Southpaw Era is more than a brand – it’s a mindset and a movement that reps the underdog spirit in us all. You push hard to overcome, to win every day, and your clothing accessories reflect that. Our lineup of accessories shows who you really are, showing off that it’s not about being at the top, but seeing and moving towards it

With clothing accessories sturdily designed for the daily journey, our options include:

  • Beanies — Make a statement in style and comfort in one of our beanies. Available in grey, black,and blue.
  • Classic caps — Rep the Southpaw Era movement in a classic ball cap. Throw one on as you head out on a run or tackle that challenge ahead of you.
  • Water bottles — Stay hydrated with an insulated stainless-steel water bottle. Your water will stay cool and you’ll stay on top of your game all day.
  • Duffle bags — Going out? Designed for your next adventure, our roomy duffle bags have enough space for all your gear.

Two dollars from every sale we make on our clothing accessories go toward a charity that aligns with our high standard of impact. To us, giving back means putting action behind the spirit of helping and empowering as many southpaws as we can.


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