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Here’s how we show our support to those who haven’t reached the top… yet.

This Quarter’s Charity

This Quarter’s Charity

As Canada’s largest agency serving at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth, Covenant House Toronto changes lives by providing the widest range of services and support to as many as 300 youth a day. A national leader, they educate and advocate for change by influencing public policy and delivering prevention and awareness programs.

More than a place to stay, they provide 24/7 crisis shelter and transitional housing on-site and in the community, along with comprehensive services including education, counselling, health care, employment assistance, job training and after-care.

Their doors are open to youth 16 to 24 regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or the circumstances that have brought them to our doors.

Since opening our doors in 1982, Covenant House has served more than 95,000 young people.

Giving Back

Giving Back

Southpaw Era is more than a brand. It’s a mindset and a movement that reps the underdog spirit in us all. Giving back means putting actions behind that spirit by helping to empower as many Southpaws as we can.

Two Dollars from Every Sale. Period.

Each quarter, we select a charity that meets our high standard of impact. At the end of the quarter, two dollars ($2) from every purchase is collected and donated to our designated charity.

A toonie ($2) from every purchase goes to a single charity every quarter

Eventually, a little becomes a lot.


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