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Clothing & Apparel

Our clothing & apparel is the basis of our lifestyle brand.

You go about life being different. You’re proud of that and celebrate your drive to get to the top with the clothing & apparel you wear. Southpaw Era sees you, hears you, and has developed a lifestyle clothing & apparel brand that takes your daily look to an entirely new level.

You push hard to overcome and to win. You haven’t reached the top yet, but you will. You know life is about moving toward success – it’s an ongoing journey that continues even when you get there. Does this sound like you? Our clothing & apparel was made for you.

Shop our online clothing store and grab some of our popular athleisure, casual wear, and athletic wear for a look that celebrates who you are and where you are in the journey. Take things a step further and become one of our ambassadors to share your story and inspire others who try just like you day in and day out to get to the top.

All of our clothing & apparel is made in Canada. We pride ourselves on the production and quality of our clothing, and we stand behind our manufacturing standards.

For clothing & apparel made for your next level up, Southpaw Era is the brand you’re looking for. Shop our online store now and if you want to become one of our ambassadors, fill out our application to join our ever-growing team.

Stylish Clothing

Wear stylish clothing designed for your next level up by representing the Southpaw Era brand. We’re a mindset and a movement dedicated to supporting you and all the other dreamers, doers, and go-getters of the world. 

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