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Shop the best of the best in men’s athleisure, streetwear and casual wear

Men’s Clothing

Wear men’s clothing designed for your next level up.

Shop the best in athleisure, casual wear, and streetwear for men at Southpaw Era. Men’s clothing made for your next level up is what we offer, and we make sure you’re outfitted to take on the world every day, whatever that means to you. Whether you’re a budding artist, driven entrepreneur, dedicated student, or striving artist, we make men’s clothing that offers the style, fit, and vibe you want.

Not only does our men’s clothing look good, but it’s backed by an even better cause. We donate $2 of every purchase to a different charity every quarter to support those who haven’t yet reached the top. Feel good wearing your Southpaw Era sweatpants, hoodie, t-shirt, or whatever else and know you helped out someone who could use it.

Like our men’s clothing? Become one of our ambassadors! You’re what we’re looking for in an ambassador if you push harder to overcome challenges on your path to success. Our ambassadors embrace being different, enjoy making a difference in their community, have a unique story based on their journey and challenges, and are passionate about being a positive influence. If this sounds like you, we want you on our team, so apply today!

Make your story count by representing the Southpaw Era brand every day. Shop our selection of men’s clothing online today. Your next favourite jacket, pullover, hoodie, graphic tee, or pair of sweatpants is waiting for you!


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