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Online Clothing

Shop online clothing that shows you’re a go-getter.

Online Clothing

We’re a movement; we’re a mindset; we’re Southpaw Era. We’re an online clothing store that’s about so much more than just selling clothes. Here’s why:

  • We give back—We support those who haven’t reached the top yet. When you purchase something from our online clothing store, $2 of that purchase goes to charity. We pick a different charity every quarter to support.
  • Our ambassadors rep our brand—Our ambassadors are go-getters, and life doesn’t get them down. Apply to become one of our ambassadors and share your story, so you can be a positive influence in your community.
  • Our clothing is for whatever goals you want to reach—From working out at the gym or going to class to heading out to meet some friends or chilling at home, our clothing works for you. It’s comfortable and stylish– you’ll never want to go a day without wearing something from Southpaw Era.
  • We keep things local—We keep most of our production in Canada to support the people in our community. We also stand behind our manufacturing standards to ensure everything in our store holds up over time.

We stand for those who put in the hard work, those whose path is uncertain, and those who take on challenges without breaking a sweat. Shop our online clothing store today for your next new look. We offer free returns and exchanges, 100% secure checkout, and a brand that represents who you are. You can always contact us directly if you have any questions about our online clothing store! 

Women’s Clothing Online

It’s hard to find a store for women’s clothing online that has everything you’re looking for, until now. Shop women’s clothing online at Southpaw Era and become part of a movement to reach the top, no matter what it takes.

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