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We’re more than an online lifestyle apparel company.

Southpaw Era is about your journey to overcome

We’re the brand for the underdog spirit in all of us –people who haven’t had a clear path to success.

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

To those who are outside the norm.
You counter. You pivot. You adapt.

You go about life being different. Being you.

To those who have to put more into their lives to succeed, who have had to work twice as hard to be just as good.
We hear you.

You push harder. To overcome. To win.
You haven’t reached the top but you will.
Because life is about moving towards success.
It’s an ongoing journey that continues even when you get there.

We welcome you to our world.
To our fold of people who think and live like you do.
It’s not about being at the top but seeing it and moving towards it.

You haven’t done your personal best. Yet.
You haven’t reached your goal. Yet.
You haven’t won. Yet.

Today is the journey.
Tomorrow is where we can take you.

“Southpaws are the truly driven individuals who live and breathe our manifesto. They aren’t simply gig or contract workers, part-time artists, or occasional athletes–they are on their track by choice. These individuals see the possibilities of their success.”
Xzavier Ramphal, Southpaw Era Brand Architect

We Produce Casual Wear*

We Produce Casual Wear*

*Streetwear and Athleisure (athletic/leisure) clothing designed for everyday wear rather than just for the gym, such as the workplace, home, school or events.

We produce classic t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, crewneck sweaters, caps, and bags that balance comfort and style. All garments are made in Canada.

Our clothes help you boldly tell the world who you are and what you stand for – resourcefulness, resilience, and excellence.

Giving Back is our DNA

Our social aim is to help empower as many Southpaws as we can. Using various outreach methods and a team-lead internal vetting process, we select a new charity every quarter that meets a high standard of impact. Each quarter has a rotating theme: education, homelessness, empowerment or athletics.

A toonie ($2) from every purchase goes to a single charity every quarter

Eventually, a little becomes a lot.

All garments made in Canada


We go through several design and production iterations before we are satisfied with any one collection

We do everything from choosing the right colours, silhouettes, and fabrics to sampling and construction.


Through local Canadian suppliers and manufacturers, we are able to go from sampling to having a physical collection

We currently have multiple collections for men and women.


Not only do we care about our clothes, but we care about how they are delivered to your doorstep

Our e-commerce boxes are created with one intention alone – to make you feel empowered. Each box is decorated with our motto and purpose.

“At a basic human level, we are inspired by stories of how people overcome adversity or challenges. The underdog spirit can be found everywhere in society.”
Xzavier Ramphal, Southpaw Era Brand Architect

We love to talk about…

  • The behind-the-scenes of running an online Canadian lifestyle apparel brand.
  • Our collection & inspiration.
  • Inspirational stories of Canadians who have overcome obstacles.
  • Our charity work.



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