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Southpaw Era Story: Adam Goldstein – From Trauma To Transformation

Adam ‘@goldysarmy’ Goldstein pushing forward towards a new path of success. (@SouthpawEra: Signature Full Zip Hoodie, Graffiti Tuberz, Woven Cuff Toque )

Adam Goldstein’s life story required a reset. A year and a half ago, his mother lost a 10-year battle with pancreatic cancer — a traumatic experience that sparked the need for a journey towards change.

While providing palliative care for his mother, Adam was quickly climbing the ranks in the corporate ladder, which required him to work long hours in the financial sector with zero satisfaction. After his mother’s passing, he recalls feeling unhealthy and like life had lost its colour. Instead of trudging along and trying to figure it out, Adam committed to overcoming the challenges he was dealt and pursuing life with passion once again.

“I made a decision that I wanted to be a director in my own movie as opposed to being an actor in a play that just wasn’t my own,” he said.

After quitting his job, he embarked on a trip towards self-discovery that took him from Toronto to Europe, Asia and other parts of North America to pursue the unknown and reconnect with his personal sense of purpose. His travels pushed his body and his mind to new limits as he endured rigorous expeditions in Nepal and trained with professional athletes in Thailand including UFC fighters and championship wrestlers.

“I realized then and there that for me, I needed to adopt the concept of radical transparency and adopt new habits that I could consistently develop over time,” he said.

Instead of simply waiting for a change to happen, Adam immersed himself in books, podcasts and literature that were focused on fitness. With the goal of self-improvement at his core, he picked up healthy habits along his journey, participated in fitness challenges and pushed himself towards accountability. He discovered that he could turn his pain and misfortunes into energy that would lead him to overcome his past personal struggles.

This energy lead him to lose 60 pounds, drop more than 15 per cent of his body fat and commit to a lifestyle aimed at continuous self-improvement. Adam tapped into his own sense of awareness to discover healthy habits that he enjoyed, such as long-distance running, which led him to discover a purposeful life with passion and — finally — a new found sense of happiness.

“That’s what it means to embody the southpaw spirit. It’s about doing what you love consistently every day, even if there is no initial return and to develop a greater awareness and deeper sense of self by staying accountable, believing in yourself and doing what you love,” he said.

Adam’s southpaw spirit enabled him to push forward when he felt like giving up, to harness his hardships into fuel and to completely transform his life. Today he lives a life he loves managing the one of the biggest social media magician in the world and helping others to live healthy lifestyles as the owner of a fitness and nutrition program, Goldy’s Army.

Watch the video below to hear Adam’s journey and philosophy in his own words.


In Adam’s own words:

A year and a half ago my life changed forever.  Time stopped, colour disappeared, I felt trapped – not knowing how to cope with the death of my mother. I knew I had to make a decision, I didn’t know where I was going, but it didn’t matter. I knew I had to become a director of my own movie, as opposed to being an actor.  I decided to quit my corporate job, get lost and embark on a radical journey the would forever change my life.

Once I booked my first flight to Nepal everything changed around me. I was free. I learned the importance of turning pain into energy and used that as a source of inspiration to progress in my life. And I realised that comparing yourself to others is the thief of joy and to be truly happy I needed to focus my attention on things that fueled me, and to disassociate myself from those who drain me.

The Southpaw mindset means pushing forward. Understanding that pain is the truest indicator for making progress. It’s about doing what you love every day because it forces you to develop a greater sense of awareness and deeper understanding of who you are by staying accountable and being true to yourself.

Own your passion , Own your decisions, Own your life!


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