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Southpaw Era Story: Jaime Bruno – Freestyle your destiny

Jaime ‘@magnetfreestyle’ Bruno performing the hollow back freestyle soccer trick (@SouthpawEra Icon Tank)

Jaime ‘Magnet’ Bruno has a mantra that sticks with him. As a first gen pioneer originally from Peru, this Torontonian athlete is a 2x Canadian Freestyle Soccer Champion who uses handstands, flips and other gravity-defying tricks to control a soccer ball. His street style skills are self-taught and have earned him ranks atop the sport’s leaderboard in Canada, North America and the world. But after suffering a severe shoulder injury in 2018, Jaime was told he’d need to retire his moves.

Instead of calling it quits, Jaime unleashed his underdog spirit and pushed through the recovery process. Not only did this mindset enable him to overcome the challenges in his path, but he was able to return to the sport as a stronger competitor, both mentally and physically. Now, Jaime aspires to take on the global stage again by earning yet another podium placing in international competition and wants to continue to inspire and grow the future of the Canadian freestyle soccer community.

Check out our Southpaw Era Story video below where Jaime shares his southpaw spirit … and some of his killer moves!


In Jaime’s own words:

The way I started turning freestyle soccer into a business was actually just with traveling and meeting people. I have many opportunities that I created myself. So based on hard work I was able to create enough of my clientele to make it into a lifestyle.

In 2018 I suffered an injury on my shoulder. I ruptured all the ligaments and it was a very serious injury. The doctor actually suggested that I should get a surgery on my shoulder, but I’ll have a metal plate that would prevent me from doing handstands. I opted out of the surgery because a second opinion told me I was healing really well. It’s a good thing I stuck through it because I was able to bounce back stronger and I’m still competing at international level even after that. My next goal right now is to win my third freestyle soccer Canadian championship, hopefully place among some of the top guys in the international World Finals.

After I am done doing all this I want to leave a foundation for the new Canadian freestylers . The advice I would give to someone that’s going through something similar that I went to, is that to just keep grinding. The important thing is to always pick yourself up and then keep looking forward, set yourself with a goal and strive to achieve it.

To me having a southpaw spirit means being an underdog and means playing with the cards you were dealt and overcoming the challenges I’m making the best version of yourself.


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